Oreo shake

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Oreo shake. Oreo Milkshake Recipe – A super easy milkshake made with vanilla ice cream, milk, and Oreo cookies! This sweet treat is a hit with the whole family on a hot day! I guess you could say that we're “celebrating” back to school starting next week with these delicious Oreo milkshakes.

Oreo shake Use Golden Oreos and swap the chocolate syrup for caramel for a blondie version. Milk – Use full-fat milk to make this shake to give a nice creamy texture and a rich feel. oreo milkshake recipe with detailed step by step photos. You can have Oreo shake using 3 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Oreo shake

  1. It’s of Oreo.
  2. Prepare of Milk 3/4 of a glass (optional).
  3. Prepare of Ice (optional).

The ever-popular kiddies' treat, Oreo Milkshake is given a complete makeover to make it appeal to adults too. Blended with a combo of vanilla and chocolate ice-creams, together with a dash of coffee to balance the flavour, this luscious Indian oreo smoothie has a creamy texture and. Crush and crumble some Oreo cookies in a bowl. You can also put them in a plastic bag and pound them with a rolling pin for the purpose.

Oreo shake instructions

  1. Take blender and put Oreo biscuits in the blender jug.
  2. Pour the milk in the blender jug.
  3. Blend it for 3 to 4 minutes on high speed.
  4. For chunky shake blend it for 2 minutes only (optional) for getting a cold shake you may use ice.
  5. Pour the shake into the glass and enjoy the drink.

Pour the prepared milkshake into a glass. Finally, top the milkshake with the crumbled Oreo cookies. To make an Oreo milkshake, drizzle chocolate syrup into the bottom and onto the sides of chilled glasses and finely chop Oreos for the topping. Next blend together vanilla ice cream, the remaining Oreos, and milk. You can barely pulse the blender for a chunker shake or blend for longer for a smoother drink.

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